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Aswin Lutchanah

Hybrid Social Media Manager

Hello! I'm Aswin Lutchanah. Hybrid Social Media Manager with over 9 years of experience specialising in Social Media. Experienced with all aspects of Social Media Management. Having a Master degree in Computer Science, I have an in-depth knowledge of the digital world including Social Media, Community Management, Social Media Advertising, Digital Marketing, HTML5, Php, SEO, SMO, Creative Writing, strong background in management and leadership. I live, breathe & love SocialMedia. I even have an old smartphone for my shower time. The only time when I’m disconnected is when I sleep even if sometimes I do dream about acebook, Twitter, Instagram, LkedIn, YouTube and more ...

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Digital Marketing
& Communication

Web Developement frontend & backend


Positive & Smiling

Empathy & EI


Confident & Enthusiastic

Community Management
Social Media Marketing/Analytics
Content Creation & Storytelling
Social Listening & E-reputation

Experience logoExperience

PR & Communication Coordinator
May 2023 - Now

UNICA - Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe

Social Media Manager
Nov 2020 - Mar 2022

UNIVERSEH: European Space University for Earth and Humanity

Social Media Manager
University of Luxembourg
Aug 2015 - Now

I started my full-time Social Media Manager career here after being an external consultant for the university for 2 years.

Aswin Lutchanah
Feb 2014 - Nov 2015

Set up my own company for Social Media Consulting & Web Development.

Web Development Consultant
Abylsen - Cora Informatique
Aug 2011 - Jul 2015

IT Consultant at Cora Informatique which manages IT and logistic for the 59 hypermarkets in France. I was the Social Media referrer for Cora in France & also helped in the setting up of the ESN Yammer within the organisation.

Founder of a student website (Metz)
Étudiant Metz
Jan 2010 - Dec 2014

Managed a team of 8 people who regularly wrote for the website. Continued developing and improving the news website in terms of new features and SEO/SMO. Played the role of chief editor & the website was based on my own CMS.

PHP/MySQL Web Developer
(Co-op & Intern)
Oct 2009 - Feb 2010 & Apr 2010 - Sep 2010

Web developer using Php/Mysql and working on various projects

6-month internship in order to complete the Master's degree as a PHP/MySQL web developer

Book logo Education

Master in Computer Science
Université de Lorraine
2009 - 2010

I completed my Master degree with first-class honours.

Bachelor in Computer Science
Université de Lorraine
2007 - 2008

High School
Collège du Saint Esprit
1995 - 2002

I completed my Higher School Certificate (HSC) from this prestigious institution in Mauritius.

Portfolios logoPortfolios

Webinar - e-reputation: managing your online image


E-reputation: managing your online image

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Webinar - Best Social Media to find a job


LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.: the best social media to look for a job

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Keynote - Social Media Aswin Lutchanah


Keynote on Social Media at the University of Luxembourg

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Twitter Workshop


Twitter workshop for PhD students at the University of Luxembourg

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Social Media speech PhD students


Social Media for PhD students at the University of Luxembourg

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Instastories: mastering Instagram - engaging with students


Instastories: Mastering Instagram & engaging with students at the University of Cyprus

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Social Media presentation - Aswin Lutchanah


Social Media presentation during International Staff Week at the University of Luxembourg

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Top 10 LinkedIn pages in Luxembourg


Le top 10 des pages Linkedin les plus suivies au Luxembourg - Paperjam

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10 comptes Twitter - Web Summit 2019


#LUatWebSummit: 10 comptes Twitter « luxembourgeois » à suivre pour vivre le Web Summit 2019 -

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Press article: first page L'Express Maurice


Les visages de la diaspora - L'express

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Press article: Aswin Lutchanah L'Express Maurice


Il conjugue informatique et poésie - L'express

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Press article: Aswin Lutchanah - Le Dimanche


Il jongle avec les vers et la toile - Le Dimanche

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Press article: Aswin Lutchanah in Républicain Lorrain Metz


De la poésie dans les réseaux sociaux - Le Républicain Lorrain

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Logo InterestsInterest

Love traveling, first back to Mauritius, my home island and then to other beautiful Instagrammable destinations. You guessed it right: taking photos, with my iPhone, is one of my favourite hobbies. When I'm not traveling, I keep the positive vibes flowing by dancing everyday. Food, nice restaurants and cozy coffee shops for Chaï Latté are perfect places to chill and sometimes work as well. Finally, I'm a huge fan of Manchester United! I love watching football games and playing as well.

Creative Writing


Krystina Garibyan
Aswin was my manager for almost a year. In this time he taught me a lot about the social media marketing. He was an extremely enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging manager. There is always a lot to learn from him and get inspired.

I was amazed by his positivity, good energy and ability to generate constantly new creative ideas. I truly believe that anyone who will have a chance to work with him will be a very lucky person! Thanks, Aswin, for this opportunity to be part of your team. Krystina Garibyan
Olha Hutych
Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a mentor and a person with whom you may freely share ideas, but I did when I worked for Aswin. I had the pleasure of working with him for 6 months, promoting social networks at the University of Luxembourg. I was particularly impressed by Aswin’s ability to be so dedicated, energetic, focused on work and to generate new amazing ideas even in case of multitasking. His presence creates a truly trustful atmosphere, where is no place for fear or uncertainty, where you can simply be yourself and be accepted at the same time, what helps you to think in a more creative way. He was always attentive to human feelings and I think he perfectly embodies a Social Media Managers role. I think that any employee would be lucky to have Aswin as a manager. Olha Hutych
Daba Pleskotova
J’ai eu le plaisir et la chance de collaborer avec Aswin sur différents projets et j’ai toujours été impressionnée par ses compétences et connaissances dans le domaine des médias sociaux. Je le considère comme expert dans son domaine et n’hésite jamais à aller le solliciter pour des conseils. Il n’a pas peur des défis, il va au-delà de ses missions et rajoute une valeur à tout ce qu’il fait. Il adore son travail et cela se reflète dans ses résultats. En plus de cela, il déborde toujours d’énergie et de bonne humeur et ne manque jamais une occasion pour aider ses collègues, il a un excellent esprit d’équipe. Chaque compagnie et chaque organisation devrait avoir son Aswin. Dana Pleskotova
Sandrine Bauer
Aswin est une des personnes les plus engagées que je connaisse, que ce soit pour les sites internet qu’il a développés et maintenus, pour l’association étudiante qu’il a fondée ou pour défendre les étudiants en tant que représentant de la faculté des sciences à Metz. Je suis toujours impressionnée par tout ce qu’il réalise et toute l’énergie qu’il y met, il donne toujours le maximum de lui dans tout ce qu’il entreprend. Je me demande bien comment il fait pour assurer autant dans tous ces domaines très divers (informatique, organisation d’événements, poésie, etc.). Enfin, je ne peux pas ne pas citer ses qualités personnelles : il est très optimiste, souriant, généreux et attentif aux autres… c'est un vrai plaisir de l'avoir à ses côtés ! Je lui souhaite beaucoup de succès pour la suite. Sandrine Bauer
Diana Ursu
Aswin is one of the most positive and inspiring professionals that I have ever met. Very passionate about his work, he has great communication skills and makes for a great mentor and leader, a source of inspiration for others. He always had a smile on his face and a good idea to share as he guided me during my otherwise short mission as an assistant in their team at the University of Luxembourg. I wish there were more professionals like him! Diana Ursu







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