April Fool’s Day 2023: pranking University of Luxembourg students via Instagram story

Behind the scenes: as a social media manager, you need to inform, educate, entertain and inspire your audience. I always like to put emphasis on the entertainment part because it helps you build the community and make them engage in the content you produce. So, for this year’s April Fool’s Day, I wanted to find an angle to prank our community via Instagram story of the University of Luxembourg. It took me 2 hours to come up with something and I was convinced that no one would fall in the trap … Still, I wanted to give it a try. I am glad I did.

1st Insta story: setting up the prank. I told our community that as our social media channels re growing too big, we would like to keep only one of them. They had the opportunity to vote for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & DM for YouTube.
2nd story: a bit more than 5 hours later, I decided to share the results at that point of time which of course differs from the final results as a story stays up for 24 hours. Second phase of the prank was to confirm that we would only keep Instagram as 89% at that time wanted us to keep Insta.
3rd story: 2 hours later, I told them that it was a prank, shared some of the reactions we received in the DM and confirmed that we are keeping all our social media channels. Some were hilarious. One of the students working with me thought it was really the case. I had to ask her to check the date.
4th story: given the number of messages & reactions received, the final story was to check how many really fell for it. 62% fell for it, 20% had a doubt and 18% said they knew it was a prank. We kept exchanging in the DMs.

Thank you to all those who participated and for the lovely messages we received. You are definitely the best community filled with kindness.

Keep the positive vibes flowing. Keep smiling.

Smile. Create. Inspire. 💛
Take Care,
Your fav Social Media Manager ☀️

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